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I was given a job and given a horse to get the job done. I overworked my horse; it died, and now I cannot do my job. 

This is a story that has influenced me profoundly and spurred this book.

Your body is the horse. Are you taking good care of it? Now is the best time to look after your health; your productivity depends on it.

What is the one thing that will negatively impact your productivity? No matter how talented you are and how lofty your goals, without good health, nothing else matters. While many take their health for granted and assume they can afford to neglect it, the fact is that they cannot. The cost of ill health is so high, none of us can afford it. 

This book presents a holistic approach to health, wealth, and fitness; the physical and spiritual must be in synergy for real, lasting, and sustainable success.


To Exercise or Not to Exercise

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